Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello all!

Dear family and friends

I really hope that things are going well for you and that your are happy!
This week was a pretty cool one. Tuesday we had Elder Neil L. Anderson come to the mission and we had a mission conference with him. It was really short notice we found out monday and met the next day.
Monday we got to go to this park sao paulo that is kind of like sao paulos version of central park. it was so nice to breathe fresh air! I didnt realise just how dirty the air here is. the moment you walk into the park you can just feel the difference. We rode bicycles around for an hour then just when we returned the bicylcles it started to downpoor rain. we wait under the tent for like an hour for it to lighten up and finally we decided we would just run to the bus stop. as soon as we got to the bus stop it stoped raining. Typical :)

Tuesday was the conference with Elder Anderson. It was pretty good. he spoke in Portuguese...well tried to. it was really a mix of 4 languages. he speaks Spanish English french and Portuguese. it was cool though, i understood everything. He talked alot about how the work we do now we really wont see all the fruit until later. he made the analogy of: You can count the number seeds in an apple but you cant count the number of apple in a seed. it was a really good talk and i came away being really stoked to get to work. he also talked about Jesus Christ and the role he should and can play in our lives if we let him. I am so grateful for him and thankful for the opportunity i have to serve him.

for the most part the rest of the week was pretty boring. it rained and was cold. we found quite a few new investigators this week that seem good... time will tell. we also kicked quite a few investigators that have been dodging us for the past week or two. its so funny to me how people cant just say look I am not interested in learning more, instead they do really silly things like hiding behind cars. really it quite entertaining to see an adult hiding from us. Saturday was interesting I did a division with the Zone leaders and then we did a division with the was just kinda crazys how inone day i was in like 5 areas.

For the most part I am doing pretty good. I havebeen fighting being not feeling good , not having engery, and losing weight. Its been a problem 12 kilos which is like 26 pounds. I Have been trying to eat better food and eat more. the eating schedule here does not fit very well with missionary work. Lunch is the biggest meal but if you eat a lot and then go out and work in the sun you feel like crap. and then dinner here is usually at like 7 or 8 which is the busiest time of day for us. But I will figure something out. I got a blessing and I feel I know what i need to do and like things will get better. Thanks for your prayers and love!

sincerely Elder Clements

Ps. Sister Nelson, merilee, Mckenzi I got your letters Thank You so much! I will respond soon.

Mom: Can you get me my a copy of my priesthood line of authority?

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