Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear All of you who read this,

Boa Dia!
okay well I Hope this finds you all doing well and that you are all happy and recovering from the holidays =)
I am doing good, Life is not easiy here but I am happy and would not have it any other way.

okay so my weekly recap:

Moday: we emailed cleaned got food and slept until 6 and then went and worked for the night. it was pretty awesome we found a new family and I am very excited about them! they went on vacation this weekend but we have another meeting with them tonight and I am excited!

Tueday: was well kinda of sucky day... as far as finding teaching knocking doors you know missionary stuff. The First family I taught here dropped us for the time being because the husband is not very evangelical and the wife wanted to learn more and it had just been causing fights with them. anyways i was bumbed but still have hope for them. another one of are investigators has turned moley and that was frustrating. we also taught Robbson and Luana They are legit. Robson knows the insanely well. anyways love this couple and there two little girls ana and sarah ( makes me miss my neices) they love the church but havent been able to exept the BOM yet ( robbson hasnt even read it yet) but they promised to read and set a date to be babtised on the 29th! BUT here the thing It really on most counts was a bummer day but I was Happy despite all this because i know i am doing all i Can.

Wednesday : wednesday was good. the only thing that was really cool was we are teaching monique she is 20 and anways we went there for the second time and asked her if she had read and prayed and she said yes. and that when she prayed she asked havenly father to give her an answer that would be obvious to her to know if the book of mormon was true and she that night she had a dream and she said that she saw a Cross and the Word SIM which means YES. It was pretty sweet!

thusday: was to alright nothing exciting.

Friday was good!
We taught quite a few people and found some new investigators. that night we did an interview for the sisters in our district and we were waiting for them infront of their building for like an hour.... found out i am way good at Suduku =)

Satuday was the Bomb: almost everything we planned fell through. which was awesome because we found and taught alot of people. It was a day of inspiration! it was legit!

Sunday was good. we went to church, went to lunch went back to church for a meeting and then taught Jefferson and his friend which is also a Stud!

today: well I woke up last night and was very sick. and am still feeling sick. I think as of today with being sick I am about 30 pounds lighter then i was when i left for the mission. I think i could make weight at 171 today if i went running for awhile. Prayers for helping me stay healthy would be awesome. I feel so blessed though because despite all of the bad stuff i am very Happy! and excited to be here. thanks for the prayers I feel them everyday!

Love Elder Clements!

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