Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello Family, Friends, and loved ones (loved ones includes you all)
Well yet another week has come and gone, they seem so stinking long and yet so incredibly fast. time is such crazy thing on mission I am starting to learn. sometimes i have way to much time, others i have way to little time. it all depends on you perception. I Have 21 one more days in the CTM, sometimes i feel that is so long because I want to get out and meet people and teach people. other times I think holy cow I have 3 weeks left and I am not nearly ready to speak portuguese 24/7. this thought of just letting go of my english is very scary and very exciting. it going to be hard but I cant wait.
This past week the american population like doubled. and it looks like it will double again this week. the week i got here there were probably like 40 americans and now by wednesday there will be close to 200. its crazy!!! 67 this week and counting. we got 3 new elders in our district this week elder stotts (he was in my district in provo) elder herrera, and elder Skiles. they are are super cool and I am so grateful for the influence they have brought with them.
it is kinda of a mixed emotions week. all these americans coming is awesome but today all of the brazilians that i have come to love and call friends left today. i will especially miss my roommates they are so cool and are amazing. so many of these guys have given up everything they have to serve missions. they are AMAZING!!! I got to help them write letters home in english which was a blast. i dont know why it was so much fun but it was.
the days here have been very much the same everyday. great! but the same. so i don´t have any cool storys this week other then i swept up like 30 dead cochroaches the side of small pine cones yesterday...yuummy ;)
God Answers prayers! I know that with out a shadow of a doubt. there have been so many times this week that i needed help with the language, or comfort or guidence. and everytime i took that to heavenly father he answered and helped me. I know that we have a heavenly father who is our god and he watches out for each of us individually and cares about us and what we care about.
I love you all and hope that life is treating you well and if not i know that if you ask heavenly father for help he will answer!!
~Sincerly Elder Clements
Alyse and sister nelson I have gotten a letter from each of you and am sending one through mission back to both of you today hopefully it works.. i sent on last week so we will see.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

whats up!!?? from the Southern Hemisphere

Hello Family and Friends, Hmm I dont even know where to start... not because so alot happened, but just because i dont know what to say. ;) sorry! Oh BIG news as i am sure most of you knew KYLE IS HERE!!!! it is so Awesome! I love haveing Elder Cornwell and Elder Sant here. its like i didn´t even leave home. me and Elder cornwell are in the same Branch so i get to spend all sunday with him. but this place is so small compared to provo that i see him and Elder Sant like 5 times a day. I would be putting spaces between paragraphs in this but the computer wont let me so i guess you will have to deal with it. this week has been kinda of a tough one. we as district have not been doing as well as woudl like in teaching and speaking. so it has been a week of correction and fiquring out what we needed to do to be better. our teachers have been quick to tell us where we are going wrong. which I am so grateful for!! some of the other guys in the district have not been so grateful and that has been hard on the whole group. But we are working on it. My portuguese is still gettting better slowly. I am trying very hard to be patient with myself and remain positive even if it is a slower at times. Oh and my English is getting worse everyday... you should see my journal. trying to write in english after spending the whole day with portuguese in your brain is just ugly. :) but i guess that maybe not bad thing. Okay i need to get going. sorry its so short this week!. I´ll make sure I prep for next week and that it is got more to it. Eu Amo-Voces Love Elder Clements PS. Alyse I got the letter you sent on the 6th through the missionties thing on the 13th or 12th. can´t remember. the mailmen are on stike right now so the mail is slow. hopefully it will end soon. pps Mom could you call the mission mall and see about the stuff that was on back order. it was some shoes sandals and towel. they didn´t get them to me in provo like they said they would. and could you make sure i have money in my account I dont have anyway to check the balacnce while i am here. Thank you!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bom Dia!!!! from Brazil!!

Hello family, friends, and loved ones!!!
I am in BRAZIL!!! I dont even know where to start!
I guess we will start with last tuesday, so we got up at the MTC in Provo got ready for the day did some last minute errands before heading over to the Travel office. There I said good byes to are district and about every poly missionary in The MTC. my roomate is like the god father of that place for polys so I met and became friends with about all of them. I miss them alot they have so a cool culture and are so friendly!! then we went to the airport and sat there for a couple hours and then got on plane. we saw a few missionarys just getting home it was awesome to see them and just to see what we can become. then we got on the airplane to ATL and that was an okay flight but not great. then once we got to ATL we had to go to the other side of the airport, which that is a HUGE airport. we made it in like 30 mins. then we were there for about 30 mins and then bored. there was about a 2 hour wait before we could leave because something had to be fixed anyways that flight was SO LONG. Luckly i had the seat next to me open so i could semi-sleep good.
Wednesday: THis day was super long as well. ( basically everyday is long!) anyways I woke up to an awesome breakfast on the plane and then watched us fly into sao paulo....ITS HUGE!!!!!!! anyways so then we got off went through customs excahnged money and then found our ride to the ctm.... I dont think i will ever complain about scary drivers again!! it was like a roller coaster :) my adrenlaine was going pretty good. then we got to the ctm which we late beacause of the delay in ATL so we were rushed to get everything in our rooms and to the meeting with presdient Clark. very nice man!!! anyways the rest of the day was very chill we did basically what ever we wanted.
Thursday... okay from here out its all kinda one blur so were done with the day by day.
I Love it here!!! its so awesome to be around Brazialins 24/7 I love it. My portuguese gets better every day!!! I have a new companion named Elder McCann from Oregon. hes awesome and he is going to campinas. I still am in the same disrict as Elder Hullinger and the other guys that came with me here. I was Made the District leader yesterday, which they didn´t even metion to me until our disrict meeting and they President Clark (diffrent then the Pres of the CTM) was just like oh Elder Clements it been decided tthat you will Be DL. all i could say was oh... Okay.
there aren´t very many americans here... there aren´t many people period. but all the Brazilains love us... not sure why but the do. they are so nice, we sit with them and talk to them all the time. I just can´t say it enough I love Brazil and the people here!!! oh I feel like a giant here. Brazilians are not very tall at all!! my teachers are like 5´6 ( which is pretty tall here) and 5´2 Brother vilas boas and Isreal. the food is great here. Breakfast is the same everyday which is my only complaint but it´s not that big of a deal.
I love it so much here! everytime i look out my window all i can see is building and skyscrapers for as far as you can see i get so excited! to go out and teach them.
I know that I was sent here for a reason and i know that god loves us!!
I love you all!!!
Elder Clements
MOM- I hope you got the email once i got here i will douple check to see if it was the right email address.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Your missionary´s arrival at the Brazil MTC

Dear Parents,

We are happy to send the good news that your missionary has arrived safely at the Brazil MTC. What a great joy and privilege it is to greet each missionary as they come through the front door of the MTC for the first time. We promise to take good care of your missionary.

They now have companions and are settled into their rooms. They are assigned to a district with capable and caring instructors for language and lesson study. The branch presidents and their wives, will soon give them a second greeting. These couples are rewarded in their callings through the love they always develop as they embrace and watch over the missionaries.

The MTC has a full time live-in physician to care for their health needs. He is assisted by his able wife. We are also happy to report that the Cafeteria food is abundant and very good.

Your missionary will be able to e-mail home on Preparation Day after a morning at the Temple. This will be either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on individual assignments.

Your very important young person is about to make an eternal difference in the lives of others. We hope you will be encouraged and comforted by this quote by President Lorenzo Snow: “There is no mortal man that is so much interested in the success of an elder [sister] when he is preaching the gospel as the Lord that sent him to preach to the people who are the Lord’s children.”

Please accept our love,

President Donald L Clark and Sister Zaza Clark

ADDITIONAL information . . .

DO not send packages to the Brazil Missionary Training Center. All packages must be sent directly to the mission where your missionary will be serving not the MTC. If you have already mailed a package to the Brazil MTC and it arrives after your missionary has left for the field, please understand that the package can not be forwarded to his or her mission and will be returned to you. The only other option is for us to open the package and forward the letters and photographs, giving the rest of the content of the package to the missionaries that are here.

WE Strongly eNCOURAGE sENDING HAND WRITTEN LETTERS. Please write your missionary´s first and last name. Your missionary will provide you with his district and box number. Also, please DO NOT SEND ANYTHING BY FEDEX, DHL, UPS, or other private carriers. The cost to get this type of correspondence is exorbitant.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My address in Brazil!...I am leaving on a Jet plane!, don't know when I'll be back again (two years ;D ) love you all!!!

Hey I just wanted you to let you know what my address would be in brazil before I left the states.
my mailing address at the MTC in brazil is
Elder Josiah Newell Clements
Brazil sao paulo south mission
Braizil Missionary training Center
Rua Padre Antonio D'Angelo, 121
Casa Verde
02516-040 sao paulo - SP
this address above is for mail only not packages
send packages to this address
Elder Josiah Newell Clements
Brazil Sao Paulo South mission
R.Dr. Luiz da Rocha Miranda, 159 8 degrees( instead of degrees put a little 0 right next to the top right of the 8) Andar
Parque Jabaquara
04311-990 Sao Paulo - SP
phone: 55 11-5017-5278
Okay so i hope this helps and you aren't confused!
I love you!!
Elder Josiah Clements