Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New year!

Dear Family and beloved friends!

so its a new year and one of my goals is to write better letters so i have afew ideas that i think will help, but if you i will gladly take suggestions.

okay so i am going to go day by day for this letter.

Sunday (christmas) chistmas was awesome, it started off great with a babtism a young man named Igor... Hes pretty cool not going to lie. then we went to lunch at our bishops house and had a the regular brazialian chistmas meal... not my faviorte. its this rice with some werid vegs in it and then turkey and this mayo salad witch was realy hard to eat. but anyways then THE BEST part of the day i got to use google plus and see my family that was so awesome! and I got to see Alyse which was such a great surprise! seeing all of you By far the best Christmas present EVER!
Then we like 30 mins after that President called and told us that Elder soucy was going to be transfered and i would be getting a Brazilian companion...kinda of a buzz kill.

Monday: didnt do much elder soucy packed and i cleaned the house. then that night we went and said goodbye to some people..]

Tuesday: we woke up and went to transfers which are in a big bus staition. I got to see Elder Blake Cambell which was so awesome! he is doing super good and is looking awesome he lost so much weight! it was so nice to see someone from home. anyways then i met my new companion Elder Freitas he is from rio grande de norte. which is near fortaleza anyways then we went to Sao Judas and had a meeting with president which was fine nothing to special and then ate lunch. after that we went back to our area and my comp unpacked and I started planning for the day. EVERYTHING FELL this was by far a terrible day! My comp doesnt know the area and its hard to communicate really clearly with him. baisaclly everyone was traveling this week and it has been hard

Wednesday: I planned again and everything Fell! also a extremely hard day. and I am the only american in the house...and the only one who can speak english... this transfer is going to be super hard but i know that I will grow a lot

Thusday: almost everything fell again...but we had some really amazing lessons! one of the greatest things about a mission feeling the spirit so strong. one of the lesson we had with jefferson was especailly awesome. he had a lot of questions and doubts about so many things. but espeically joseph smith being a prophet. all of his questions and doubts about all the other stuff we were able to answer with the book of mormon. it was such a testimony strenghther to me that The Book of Mormon is True. and he felt that to and we were able ot explain that if the book of mormon is true that joseph Smith really was a Prophet and Restored the Church of Jesus Christ.
Friday we taught alot and again the Spirit was so strong with us and durring the those lesson my protuguese was helped so much I dont think i have ever spoken so well....It was freaking awesome not going to lie!, I am so Grateful for the chance i have had to be a tool of the Lord and feel his spirit working through me and Make all of my weakness strenghths. there is not Doubt in my Mind that God Jesus Chirst are leading this work!

Saturday: it rained alot! of my goodness what a blessing!! usually The rain is super annoying and but because it was the 31 hardly anyone was able to light off fireworks oh my gosh i was so happy Chirstmas eve my ears were ringing all day. you can by m80s just about anywhere here. and Chistmas eve was so bad all day. I was realy happy for the Rain. anways we taught a few lessons and did an interview for the other elders and then I made brownies and we bought Pizza and Icecream and went to Jeffersons and watched Joseph smith prophet of the restoration. It was a pretty good night and the sound of the rain made it hard to hear the fireworks at 12 so i was able to sleep.

Yesterday Sunday: It was a awesome day! we went to Church Igor was confirmed a member and I was able to babtize Jefferson. I forgot my camera but i will send pictures next week. it was a good day. we had some really great lesson and again i felt the Spirit so Strong.

okay so that was my week uptil now. over all this week has been Super hard! I have spent alot of time on my knees praying and begging heavenly father for help. there was a lot of sweat and some tears this week. But like I said he really has been Helping me and making my weakness (and there are so many) and making them strenghs. I am so grateful for this Chance serve and be a instrument in Gods hand. I know that really there is not way I could do this with out his help. This week has been such a rollercoaster. I have never been so happy and then so discouraged. I only wish i could explain the joy I feel when we are teaching and I feel the holy Ghost working through me. its truly such a blessing!

I love you all!! hopefully this is a better email... I am trying!

Love Elder Clements

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