Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello, everybody...Lets begin!

Okay so first up in the news with Elder clements is I am being transfered... some where in Sao Bernado. I will be companions with Elder Fryer. He is american and that about all i know about him right now so you will have to wait for more on him. I am really kinda of bumbed about it. This transfer has been....incredible hard, but incredible rewarding. Elder Freitas is awesome. I know my mom wanted to know a little more about him. Elder frietas is form Rio grande de Norte which is really close to where kyle is at in forteleza. He is the 5 of 6 kids which is a huge family in Brazil. He is the only member in his family. He was babtised when he was 20 and now 3 years later he is almost done with his mission. he has a kinda of dramatic personality which can be really funny and annoying at the same time He doesnt speak very much english but yet know tons of words in english so its been great because i have been forced to learn portuguese and when i dont know a word he usually can help me out. I really am going to miss him. Its funny how you can love a person even when they have things about them that drive you nuts. But i really am so grateful for this last transfer and the thing i have learned. I am so much better at portuguese then when he showed up 6 weeks ago. It is such a miracle to me that i have been able to learn so quickly ... Heavenly fahter has been so good to me.

another reason I am super bumbed is that I will be leaving behind a lot of really good investigators. Our teaching pool had been kind of dying off and we needed to find more people. so the past week and a half we had been working super hard to find the people that were ready. and We found a lot this week. well from thursday on. because I was very sick again wednesday and spent the day in bed and in the bathroom...we Had a interview for one of our investagators that night and so we did a division and after saying a prayer that i would be able to go and return with out being sick we left. not the best time of my life but i made it there and back without being sick once again god is so good to me.

Thusday: it was a great day but started off terrible. I was able to work and not be sick which was such a blessing again. so the day started off with appointments falling... even lunch fell. anyways so after like 3 appointments falling we went to this house which was referal from the elder we live with. this lady lives in part of our area that one i didnt even know was a part of our area until like 3 weeks ago and 2 is forever away from everything else. anyways we went there and guess what.... It fell. QUE BOM É ? ( how sweet..yeah?) so trying not to be discouarged and keep going I saw a street in that area and decided that we should just go see what was there. it just looked like a bunch of factories. so we started to walk there and I said a prayer and said 'Heavenly father... I am working and trying to find the people you want me to teach so please lead the way.` at the end of that street we found a completely brand new neighborhood. the first door we knocked we found a family that was so good. and basically every door we knocked there was nice and we marked time to go back and teach. I cant tell you how happy I was! the rest of the day was good.

the rest of the week was finding people and just watching the miracles unfold around us. We have so many new people that basically everyday this week is already planned. ( And i wont be here.. a little upset about it) sunday we Had only one investgator come to church and after church and some really awesome lessons he said this church really is true isnt it.? He and his wife are going to try and be babtized next week. we also had a random old guy show up to church who told us he left his house to day to put his faith in god and quit smoking. that he was leaving his house a smoker and would not return the same way. He asked us for a blessing at the end of church and it was so awesome. then later that night we were going to an appointment and this man ran after us and asked us to come to his house this week. he said that he was babtized somewhere else and when he moved here stoped but he is ready so come back and wanted our help. Heck yeah. I am so excited for the elders here and so bumbed its not me. but everything happens for a reason.

I know with out a doubt that this church is true and that God answers prayers, I know that God is still doing miracles and I have seen so many this week and I am so Grateful and humbled that God has let me see them and trusted me to be apart of them.I know that Jesus really is our savior and that he lives and can bless our lives so much if we let him.
Thank you for your prayers and support I love you all!!

Elder Clements

MoM, OKay so you asked how i really was doing.... well I am doing okay. Spiritually I am on such a high and never want to come down ;) mentally I am Hanging in there and it a fight everyday. Phyiscally I am fighting everyday. I think that things will improve this next transfer. both elder Frietas and elder soucy said that this area was by far the worst as far as lunch and food went so i think that things should improve. About you and dad moving back together....I couldnt be happier! and I cant really say i am surpirsed I felt like i knew that if I went on amission that you and dad would be blessed and that things could work out. so i guess I have just been working and not really worring about it. I left it up to god ( he the best person to leave it to) I love you and dad very much and want you to work things out. so for me and the rest of the family especailly Arina and lauren give it your all and leave the rest up to god to heal.! please share this with Dad because its for both of you!

Asa, So that lang uage is super good and getting better everyday! I cant tell you how stoked i am to come home and talk with you! A cool story about the temple here in Sao paulo I got two. One the day of the dedication there were tons and tons of protesters and they were there all day. and Elder Godói the area pres here now bought them all food and jucice because they had been there all day and not left and he didnt want them to be sick!
the second is the temple here is filled with ( ma hog ony) wood ( ihave no idea how to spell it anymore) anyways this woodsmen had a warehouse filled with this wood and he had tried to sell it for like 8 or ten years before the temple was built and could not sell it. so when the church was starting to bulid they wanted this wood and they found this ware house and baught all of it. idk kinda of a cool story. I love you Asa!!

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