Monday, January 23, 2012

Its raining!!

good morning all!!
I hope this email find you happy and warm!( I hear its quite cold at home) Here the weather has been pretty predictable. its hot until like 3 or 4 and then it rains cats and dogs until 9.( I cant tell you how grateful i am for the shoes you sent me! my feet have been basically dry everyday!)
Okay so my week. Monday was pday and we basically just stayed home and slept which was nice because i didnt feel so hot the night before and got very little sleep. and then that night we taught This kid Nicholas who was baptised yesterday. it was a baptism from heaven. he showed up to church and said he wanted to be baptised. he had been taught by two elders months ago and decided he wanted to be baptised so we taught him this week and re caped the stuff the other elders taught and he was baptised.
tuesday: I really dont remember everything that happened but the highlight is the wife of teotonio (the first man I Baptised on the mission) is finally coming around and opening up and progressing!
Wednesday : it rained So Much seriously its was like someone turned a fire hose for 4 hours. on a couple of streets flooded. it was pretty awesome except we could not do anything because when it rains here the place shuts down and people don't open doors for anything. so we went to a sister deolindas house and stayed there until it stopped not exactly how I wanted to spend my day but it was good because after the Storm we had 4 super good lesson right in a row!
Thursday: the biggest highlight was not really anything good. we showed up to Jefferson house at like 630 to go with him to a ward family night. he had not gotten home from work yet so we waited a bit for him. when he showed up he said he wasn't going to go. and that he was done praying and he didn't believe got existed and was done. so we spent the next 4 hours at his house helping him. what happened was this one: he got a bible and read from genus all the way to job in two days and didn't know why god would kill his children and let bad things happen and just had so many doubts that he was focusing on. which bring us to number two: His life is pretty sucky! his mom is a single mom who really is not really mom and so Jefferson has to take care of his brothers and be responsible because she isn't. and yeah he just has had hard life and he was super focused on all the bad in his life. anyways so we spent the next couple hours answers doubts and trying to help him see gods hand in his life. it was an incredible spiritual experience and by the end of it he said the closing prayer which was super hard for him to do but he did it!
Friday: we Had interviews with president and it was awesome! I love President tanner. He is so good at letting you see where you need to improve but he does it in the most loving manner. Its amazing and I want so much to Be better and be like he is.
saturday sunday and today i will have to tell yo more about next week because i only have 2 minutes left. but I Love you all and am praying for you!

Love Elder Clements !

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