Monday, January 9, 2012

What a week...

Dearest friends and family,

Boa dia! I hope this email finds you well and that you are happy! and if not I am sorry! please know that I love you and pray for you everyday.

Okay so this week was well....I dont have a word for it. It was a week of growing. I will give you a day by day look because..that is what i am going to do :) sorry if you wanted it another way.

okay so tuesday: It was pretty darn terrible! we had a ton of a appointments planned but for one reason or another everything fell....everything! It was incredible hot and i think we probably walked for the whole day trying to find someone to teach. I felt so bad because one of the sisters in are ward wanted to leave with us to some of the appointments and anyways i am pretty sure the amount of walking we did just about killed the lady. ( she is about 60 and is not in the best of shape) we rested alot and asked her if she wanted to go home, but she insisted on being with us all day. I wish all of you could meet this lady (deolinda) she is the BOMB. anyways I was feeling pretty down by the end of the day physically mentally and spiritually. all in all a pretty crappy day.

wednesday: wednesday we did a division because elder Freitas had to go to a leadership meeting. so I was out of our area most of the morning. I was companions with Elder Rocha who lives in sao paulo and was serving in fortaleza but came home for knee surgery and is hoping to go back in a month or so. (kyle/ Elder Cornwell i hope you meet him he is a stud) anyways after the division we stayed at home I was sick. starting tuesday i started feeling very weak and by the time wednesday came along and walking to the other area and back i was wasted. ( oh side note weighed my self and i have lost about 18 pounds since leaving) anyways I was pretty miserable.

thursday: i was still pretty sick and about everything fell though. Pretty miserable able and started to get very down on thing.
Friday: was a little bit better. we taught quite a few lesson but nothing that was very great. alot of moley people. we did contacts most of the day. just like thursday and tuesday.

saturday: was good. We decided to have a fast (we were going to do it wednesday or thursday, but I didnt have the strenghth to do it) and just I dont know things just worked we taught a lot of people and found people we had been looking for all week. and we passed sister Deolinda house durring the day and she gave me a little spiritual pep talk that i need alot and helped us get people to take people to church. i left the house feeling a lot better. I love that lady!

Sunday: It was really good. we didnt teach a lot of people but the people we taught are rock solid and Jefferson was confirmed! we had asked a member to go get jefferson for church and when the meeting started he still hadnt shown up. I just started praying and it wasnt until after the sacrament that he showed up with the member. when i saw him a huge sigh of relief came! he went out with us later that night and was a stud! I am so stoked for him!

and that lead us to today. nothing to exciting today so far, but ill let you know if something happens. I love you all! thanks for your support and love!

Elder Clements

ps. random question who is in the presidential race?. its not important for me to know but just curious because I have heard alot of stange thing here.

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