Monday, February 27, 2012

Well Mom....I got Friends and Allergies

Dear Family and Friends.

well lets just say that this week has been pretty much been Retarded and unproductive.
Okays so last monday was pretty good, it was a good p-day I was able to get a nap in and do a little bit of cleaning. We were able to get some lessons in and we found some new people to teach. Tuesday was the start of `not the best week of my mission by far`. we went to lunch in Jordanopolis which is like walking from my house to west richland. we had lunch there everyday this week so we got a lot of walking in. anyways so we went to lunch and right when we were about to leave it started to rain cat and dogs and we had forgotten to crab our umbrellas. anyways the sister refused to let us leave( like she yelled at me when i grabbed my back pack to leave ) and we ended up being there for like 5 hours...but luckly we were able to get some really solid lessons in after that and i guess it all worked out.
wednesday was alright we went to lunch and then later that day I got reallly sick again and spent most of the day in the bathroom and on my bed. I called sister tanner and she called the Area doctor and they have decided because this has been on going thing since December that i have probably picked up some friends and i will be taking the pills to kill my friends this week. I sincerely Hope it works and that i can get Healthy. because I am getting So sick of being sick!

so Thurday just started off bad, because i felt like crud I ended up sleeping in and missing study time and basically when you start off the day like that it just kinda of through everything off. and it was just an off day. then friday came.

Friday was alright but when coming back from jordanopolis after lunch I noticed a rash around my waste band and I just thought it was from walking a bunch and Idk it itched but i wasn't too worried about it by that night it was itching like crazy and i also had rashes on my upper arms and under my armpits. By saturday it had spread to basically everywhere on my body and all i could do is lay on my bed and try not to move because it itched so bad. after talking with the doctor I started popping benadryl like candy( It is really hard to teach a lesson in a foreign language when you drugged up...I know i tryed doing it twice Sunday... I think actually it was pretty Entertaining.) and to say I was worthless would be an understatement. the rash kind of went away sunday but it came back in full force today. I am now on some stronger meds and they seem to be working. I am praying that this will go away soon. The Doctor thinks its allergies. the only thing is we can not figure out what exactly I am Allergic to. I havent eatten anything new, or changed anything.
So this week was kinda like that. Luckily we were able to get some good lessons in this week and we have 3 investigators that are so close! I hope that March will be better month for me. I really am just fed up with not being able to work and not being healthy. This ward has alot of potential but needs alot of work and so far i Have not been able to work as hard as i would like. it kind of like this I love Brazil but i didnt come here to lay in my bed.... it been a trying week but I know things will get better. Sister Tanner has been a saint through all of this and I have become pretty good buddies with The area doctor Docter Jones. they are taking care of me and making sure I have everything i need. I really feel bad for my comp....poor guy! I mean it sucks to be sick and not be able to work, but i think it would be way worse to be the comp who just has to sit there and feel fine. I know this is where i am suppose to be right now and that God will take care of me. I guess i need to learn some lesson here. and I am trying.
I love you all and hope that you are happy and doing well.
love Elder Clements

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