Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy carnival!!! ....Its really quite here!

Boa Dia!
Well its week two here in Rudge! and its been a really slow week! like really slow! But it had some pretty sweet highlights!
first Highlight Fabio!!!

Okay so last sunday(first sunday here), after sacrament meeting This lady came up to us.. her name is sister Rocha. she introduced herself and told us that she had two sons serving missions right now, one in florinapolis and the other was serving in Fortaleza but came home and had knee surgery and then spent a transfer in our mission before going back to fortaleza.. I was so excited because I know Elder Rocha he was in my Zone last transfer and we became pretty good friends anyways I Was super excited to be talking to his mom and be in his word because he is a stud! anyways she then told us that she had a person she wanted us to teach that night, his name is Fabio. Fabio is the fiance of sister rocha´s daughter. anyways we went there that night and taught him and it was a super good lesson! and we marked to eat lunch together last Pday. anyways we had lunch with him 3 times with him this week and we have just clicked! he is 23 and I swear we have known each other forever. He has been talking to us asking us questions and its been awesome. we have only been able to teach him once because of his work schedule and then he left for the weekend but he has already been talking about him being babtised with out us saying anything. He was asking us when the next transfers were and we told him in like 5 weeks and he said `oh then we got plenty of time to get me babtised´ I was so stoked and he has been talking about when he gets sealed in the temple and how he wants us there! I cant begin to tell you how much I have come to love this guy in the past week! Oh and another thing so the other son of sister Rocha was with me in the CTM and we were pretty good buds aswell .... I can´t tell you how excited I am about this family Sister Rocha has been inactive and so has her daughter for like 4 years. she is divorced and went inactive after that but she is coming back and talked with the bishop sunday and is working on things THis is one of those times when I know that I was sent her for a reason. I feel like i am connected to this family. and I love them so much!!
second Highlight Meeting with Elder Mazagardi
on wednesday we had a meeting with President tanner and Elder Mazagardi. It was focused on familys and helping them become eternal!. It made me a little Trunky and miss home a bit :) ( I just want to say that I am so Grateful for my family! and for all the things they have taught me and all of my crap they have put up with! ) anyways it was super good!. and i learned alot and realised I Have so far to go in becoming the missionary and Man God wants me to be! its a long road but I got to start with the first step. so I am trying to work on my love for others and trust in Heavenly father.

speaking of love for other that leads me to the next thing. so like wednesday night we went to the store to get something to eat becasue we had been knocking doors all day and not gotten in anywhere.( this is basically why this week was so long we knocked doors allday everyday with like 3 lesson total this week.) anyways we met this old lady at the store who is a member. she asked us if we could come over and give her a blessing becasue she was going to have surgery the next day. we said yeah and went there. she had already gotten a blessing with oil so it was just a blessing of comfort we had to explain this to her. anways so she has called us everyother day since then to give her a blessing because she has a lot of pain and complications with this eye surgery.problems breathing, her eye was bleeding.... she has a long history of illnesses and has allergys with jsut about everything. anyways and becasue its carnival and everyone leaves for the beach including her doctor( this Place is Dead! like its SOOO quite) she has called us to go give her a blessing of comfort which I am more then happy to do but i feel bad becasue there is nothing more that we can do. for the sounds of it the medical system here in Brazil is way Crappy!

OKay so that really is all i got right now, This week has been trying one. with everyone leaving, not having anyone the teach, and knocking doors all day its been.... Hard and i am trying really hard to stay positive and put my faith in Heavenly father to guide us. I really do know that this is where i am suppose to be and despite all the adversity I am Happy here and excited to be able to serve these wonderful people here in São paulo!

I love you all and want to know i am praying for you!

Love Elder Clements

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