Monday, December 19, 2011

its a 90 degrees and Christmas is next week... its strange/ Sweet!

Dear family and friends!

okay so this week has been pretty good/ frustrating/awesome/ crappy. some days were awesome we taught alot of lessons found new people, weather was good. then other days everything that could go wrong did. sunday was kinda crappy we had confirmed with 14 people to go to church and only 2 showed up. and jeffersons babtism this week fell because he had to work . Jeffersons is almost 18 turns 18 on christmas and is just so cool. I freaking love that kid. he really didnt know much about religion at all when we started teaching him and his mom. but after we taught him about the plan of salvation and why Jesus Christs Atonement is central to that plan and why its so important. he was converted. we were teaching the word of wisdom and the mom said she didnt understand why a little beer was bad for her and before we could respond he said Jesus chirst suffered so much for us will forgive our sins and he just asked us to keep his commandments, thats all. it is not that hard. I was pretty stoaked about that answer from a kid who really didnt know anything about Christ a few days before. hes awesome and I hope everything will work out this week and we can get him babtized on sunday.

um so what else, oh i have had alot of runs in with people who have done way to many drugs in their lives. I dont understand anything their saying and neither does elder soucy. so i dont feel to discouraged about that. but that language is well... okay. its changes everyday sometimes I can speak and understand good, then others just understand, then others i cant do anything. its hard because I want to be a good missionary and be able to teach well, but I just cant do that yet. I know it will come with time. I just feel bad when I cant explain something.

okay well I need to go! sorry its short this week and really kinda of a crappy letter. I promise it will be better next week.
I love you all and Wish you all a Merry Christmas!!

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