Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear family and friends!

well yet another week has gone by. its crazy I have already been in the field for 4 weeks. Pday was today because we went to the temple today. it was so nice to be in the temple. I was so grateful for the peace that i felt going into the temple. if their is onething i know is that satan is working really hard here and I feel it everyday. I didnt realise how much until i went into the temple. sunday was a huge soccer game between two big teams here and the corithains( the team basically everyone in the favela likes) won the game. the streets were everything but peaceful. people went crazy. basically everyone was drunk and setting off fireworks yelling driving motobikes around without mufflers....we went home because the spirit was long gone. the partying went on to the wee hours of the morning... which reminds me can someone send me earplugs. that would be an awesome gift.

besides sunday it was a pretty peaceful week. yesterday i went on splits with a brazilain. it was pretty fun. I was suprised to see just how far my portuguese has come. it was good to spend all day speaking portuguese but it was so nice when I got back to home with elder soucy.

thursday we had a lesson with claudia and ardioçõn and thier family. i dont know if i have talked about them very much but they are the first people i taught when i got here and its so awesome to see the light coming on in their lives. we are going to invite the kids to be babtised in a week or 2. they are such a awesome family. the parents have to be married first but they already have plans to be. hopefully we can do that this week or next.

I am learning so much here. I am learning about myself. I see how blessed I am everyday. I see how blessed i am to live in the US how blessed i am to have a wonderful family and friends. I see how blessed i am to have loving parents that taught me so much. I see so many kids everyday that really dont have anyone in there lifes their mom had them at 17 the dad walked out and so she works all the time and the kids have no one. I am so blessed to have this gospel in my life and i know the answer to so many of these peoples problems is the gospel. I know that. it sounds so cliche but Honestly the gospel can and will bless anyone in any circumstance. thats why i am here because I have been blessed with so much and I want everyone to have these blessings too. I know this church is truly Christs church. its not a mans church. it is Jesus Christ Church and he leads it through prophets.
Alright até proximo semana

I love you all!!
Elder Clements

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