Monday, December 12, 2011

dear yall

Olá family and friends,

Okay so as a request i am going to talk a little about my area : I am in Campanário which is a part of a city called Diademia which is really just an add on to the monster city of sao paulo. it is a pretty small area size wise probably about the size of the riverview ward and shoreline ward combinded. except there are a bunch of hills and the houses are everywhere. there is very little if any open spaces. except the jungle that boreders the area. I dont get it but they just left a huge patch of jungle in the city. and its huge!. anyways I am in a branch that just opened 3 months ago and now just got a new building. the goal is to have it be a ward in a month or two. which is very possible.
there are so probably about 50 bars, churches, in the area. its really kinda of sad people just decide they want to open churches up in their garages and get money from people. sadly many people are successful. most of the churches are evengelical chruches. everytime i walk by they are just yelling... one church we walked by the other day and people were all standing up screaming and shaking rolling on the floor.... I just felt sick and moved on real fast.
Most of the week the place is a pretty good place to be. sundays are usually pretty bad. almost everyone has work off and has partys and gets drunk. so sunday is just loud and people just do really stupid stuff like ride motorcycles around drinking at the same time. I saw a crash yesterday luckily no one got hurt to bad just some road burn that was pretty amazing.
um so about the Branch: the branch is small and the members are for the most part really new to the church the people that have been memebrs the longest have only been in the church for 10-13 years. so we are working alot with just strenghing the church and the members.
and yeah thats a bit more about my area. if any of you have questions and want to know something about here please just ask.

okay so my week
well it rained alot! like someone turned a shower on. most of the days this week i was soaking wet all day... like shoes filled with water and making that sound that wet salks and shoes make. and its werid brasil basically stops in a really good down poar. thursday was pretty bad. basically everything we planned fell and so we just were outside in the rain all day. but we just did are best to be positive and keep going. which was hard at times because I was just wet and cold and wanted to go home becasue know one was home or would answer. but god blessed us so much on sunday and saturday and we found a bunch of people and a lot of people are progressing I think we will be having at least 4 or 6 babtisms in the next two weeks. it was so awesome to just see things fall into place after such a terrible day.

okay also by request from my mom a story from the week. this actually happened yesterday. so we have been working with a family well since before i got here. teotonio is the dad and was babtised 2 weeks ago. and now his daughter jackoline is going to be babtised. so yesterday we were just talking and elder soucy was talking with teotonio and Marcie (the mom) and i was talking with jackoline Teo ( the son 23) and Ana (teo girl friend who lives with them) and jackoline asked me if i missed home I told her yes i did and i thought i would always miss home and the people i love there. but that I knew that this was the place god wanted me to be and that when I teach people like thier family that I could not be happier. and then some how we got on prophets and i pulled out the ensign magizine and was showing them the picture of all the general athoritys and was trying to explain the role of the president, the 12 and the 70. and then I told them about how i used to have doupts about if all of this was true, if the church was true, if these men were really called by god to be prophets and lead HIS church. and i told them about how I did exactly what we ask our investigators to do everyday. i prayed about it and searched for answers. i then started to try and explain the feelings i got when i knew that it was true remember this is all in really bad portuguese. and i just told them i didnt know quite how to explain it in protuguese or english (teo speaks a little english) but that is just a feeling. And then this was the really cool part teo said I know what you are saying its a feeling because i am having that feeling right now. it was really cool to see the Holy ghost share the feeling that i wanted to share so bad but couldnt.

I Miss Home, I miss I miss family, I miss Friends, I miss My dog! to know that i wont get to spend x-mas at home and see the people i love so much is a hard thought at time. BUT I dont have any doubts that this is where god wants me to be and that even though I miss you so much I that I am happy.

I love you!
Elder Clements

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