Tuesday, November 1, 2011


hello wonderful family and friends!!!

so where to bgein on this week, i have no idea..... um i got new brazilain roomates... they are pretty awesome. Elder Miranda, Elder, Costa and Elder. Sobrino. they are awesome. Elder sobrino is my faviorte becasue he looks like a little black budda with the best smile in the world and he always eats my cookies which makes me laguh more then upset. other then that this week has been much of the same old same old. next week i should have more to write about. we are suppose to go out in the city and proselyte next monday and also some one from the presidency of the 70 and or 12 are coming to give us a training next monday aswell. it should interresting.

the weather here is wonderful its like perfect spring weather in the Tri-cities. cool but not cold and sunny!!!! with a nice breeze. OH I almost for got. guess what yall i can now sing I believe in Christ in 4 languages. English Poruguese, spanish and German. thats right i spreckin the german.... :) that is the song we sang for choir on sunday. oh yeah I am in the choir. I think i told you that but maybe not. bascaillly choir is required.... they dont say it is... but we all know it is. the first week we got here there were may be like 30 americans and 170 brazians or spanish speaking now there are like 150 americans and 50 brazians... as one of the sisters here from argentia says all the time Esta Triste ( i dont think she know any other phases in portuguse otther then that.) I mean its awesome that people are getting their visas and i am glad they are here i just wish there were more Brazilians to talk to.

Portuguese is getting easier everyday. I am getting to the point where i can understand almost everything when they talk at a reasonable pace. I am getting so excited for the feild you have no idea!!!!! I talk with one of the teachers who served in Sao paulo Sul and is now a seceratary to President tanner just about everyday about what the mission is like and I AM SO EXCITED the majority of it is on the coast which I am super stoked about. but i am even more excited to get out and meet people and talk to people and help people...I Love being a missionary and i can;t wait to appy all i am learning here in the CTM.

sorrry is so short this week. this is what happens when i dont plan before hand on what to write. hopefully you enjoy it!

Elder Clements

oh Ps please start sending mail to the address i gave you for packaages it my mission home because i am leaving in 2 weeks!!!

Mom: thanks for calling the mission mall place. the towel and sandals and shoes were the only thing i had not gotten. thank you!!!
Please give Becky Eric and the kids some love from me. I am praying for them!!!

Rhonda: thank you for the email hearing anything from home is great so dont worry about the email. i can get pictures i just can;t print them off so hard copys are prefered but ill take what i can get

Kelsey: thank you so much for the email i loveed it !!! and the pictures. I did get the package before i left provo. thank you!!!!! and thanks for the blog!

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