Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello Family, Friends, and loved ones (loved ones includes you all)
Well yet another week has come and gone, they seem so stinking long and yet so incredibly fast. time is such crazy thing on mission I am starting to learn. sometimes i have way to much time, others i have way to little time. it all depends on you perception. I Have 21 one more days in the CTM, sometimes i feel that is so long because I want to get out and meet people and teach people. other times I think holy cow I have 3 weeks left and I am not nearly ready to speak portuguese 24/7. this thought of just letting go of my english is very scary and very exciting. it going to be hard but I cant wait.
This past week the american population like doubled. and it looks like it will double again this week. the week i got here there were probably like 40 americans and now by wednesday there will be close to 200. its crazy!!! 67 this week and counting. we got 3 new elders in our district this week elder stotts (he was in my district in provo) elder herrera, and elder Skiles. they are are super cool and I am so grateful for the influence they have brought with them.
it is kinda of a mixed emotions week. all these americans coming is awesome but today all of the brazilians that i have come to love and call friends left today. i will especially miss my roommates they are so cool and are amazing. so many of these guys have given up everything they have to serve missions. they are AMAZING!!! I got to help them write letters home in english which was a blast. i dont know why it was so much fun but it was.
the days here have been very much the same everyday. great! but the same. so i don´t have any cool storys this week other then i swept up like 30 dead cochroaches the side of small pine cones yesterday...yuummy ;)
God Answers prayers! I know that with out a shadow of a doubt. there have been so many times this week that i needed help with the language, or comfort or guidence. and everytime i took that to heavenly father he answered and helped me. I know that we have a heavenly father who is our god and he watches out for each of us individually and cares about us and what we care about.
I love you all and hope that life is treating you well and if not i know that if you ask heavenly father for help he will answer!!
~Sincerly Elder Clements
Alyse and sister nelson I have gotten a letter from each of you and am sending one through mission back to both of you today hopefully it works.. i sent on last week so we will see.

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