Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OPA!!! from the CTM for the last time!!!!!....I am a little bit exctited!

Hello dearest family friends and cool cats (dont ask me whos who) ;)
I am so HAPPY!!!! its amazing....missionary work and loving others is the best happy pills. life is a huge challenge everyday but I am very happy... its werid/ awesome like that.
okay so this past week... oh no before I got into that I want to talk about Elder Cornwell and Elder heath his companion. Sister Cornwell: I Just wanted to tell you that Your son is amazing!!! and is going to be an even more amazing missionary!!! he left today and I will miss seeing him everyday. but i thought you would like to know that he is doing so well!! The amount of growth I have seen in him is incredible. he is such an example to me and grateful to call him my friend. I thought you would like to know. if you are in contact with Elder Heaths mom please tell her that he is doing great!!
okay so my week... oh man so much and only like 10 mins left. we only have 30 mins here to read and write so sorry!
I went proselyting for the first time yesterday. IT WAS AWSOME!!!! I decided I was going to talk to the first person I saw and just jump in. It was kinda like cliff jumping. super scary but a totally great. we talked with tons of ´people and gave four Book of mormons away. It was all through very limited poruguese and mainly church vocab but I found after the first one i wasn´t scared at all and I am stoked to do this for 2 years!! Gahh i wish i had more time to tell you about the idivdual people becasue they were all amazing people.
okay we also had a training from the area president and Elder Evans of the 70. It was awesome. they talked about our purpose and focusing on teaching all of the gospel of christ and not forgetting anypart and helping people follow each part. the part he said we usually forget is enduring to the end. and how critical is that part. he also talked about tithing and how people need the blessing of tithing so bad especially Brazil.
okay that is about all I have the time for right now. this will be the last letter from the ctm and i don´t know if i will be able to email next week. but know that i love you all and I know that god will bless us when we follow his commandments
I love you all!!!
sincerly Elder Clements
Mom can you send me deoderant soon please They dont´t have stick deoderant here and the stuff they do have is not the most effective. I like the old spice stuff with the holes. it kind of looks like a strainer. hopefully you can fiqure it out. maybe ask alyse she might remember Idk but i would love that!
I love you mom!!!!

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