Monday, November 21, 2011

hello friends and family

okay so I am the feild. I am currently in the city of Diadema which is part of sao paulo. I am in a area called campanário. it is a favella. which if you dont know what that is google it. they are pretty legit.
so a ton has happend since i last wrote I dont even know where to begin. okay so i left the ctm last week and that was an adventure. they took us to the wrong mission presidents home. so we ended up in the sao paulo interlagos mission presidents home. and were there for like an hour and half. we then left finally and got to president tanners home. we meet them and had some training and interviews. we were there for like 3 hours then we went to a chapel an hour away and had lunch then met our new companions.

mine is Elder soucy. He is from montanna and has been out for a year and 8 months. hes a little bit truncky and tired which I can understand but it is frustrating at times. he is really good at portuguese and teaching and works hard when were out. and is really good at talking to people.

my area campanario is Ghetto. it is crazy how they build houses here. i dont even know how to describe them you will just have to look at pictures on the internet.let just say if an earth quake hits going to be bad. the area has lots of hills. and is not terribly big i guess. it takes like 30 mins to walk from one side to the other. by the time i get home i am totally worn out. its crazy every street has 3 things a church of somekind, a bar and, sometimes drugs. mom dont worry I am safe. it ghetto but i am safe.

the peope here are very diferent. so far i have found 3 types of people one the people who hate us.( oh i got spit on this week... didnt get that mad just kinda was like really... okay)
the others are the people who are willing to talk to us but are not committed to anything and dont do anything... no joke on guy sat on a chair all day. then there are the people who are interested and are willing to do something to find out if what we are sharing is true.

I am not going to lie i am home sick. the times when i am not is when i am working and thinking about others so that what i have been trying to do. work my butt off and forget about me. its a work in progress and your prayers would be greatly appreicated.

I love you all!! I love this work and find get so much joy when i am doing it. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and that his church has been restored to its fullness through a prophet of god. I also know that you can know this for yourself. you dont have to take my word or anyone elses. that is greatest part about it.

I love you !!!

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