Monday, November 28, 2011


Dearest family and friends

Dang i dont even know how to start. this week has been hard...this really is hardest thing I have ever done. this week has been amazing... i had my first babtism. ( more on that later.) this week has been eye opening... we really are so blessed to live in the united states.
okay so ill go over the events of the week.
this week we opened up a new building. almost everyday we spent the afternoons and nights giving out invites to the open houses and talking to people on the street and bring them in and showing them the building and explaining about the chruch and our beliefs. it was crazy but it was good i talked to about 200 people this week. and really can see my portuguese improving greatly.
we had zone conference on tuesday. it was good. it was all in portuguese. i didnt understand everything but I got the jist of almost all of it which was awesome. president tanner is so awesome. hes really just a loving guy. i dont really know how to describe him he just loves. sister tanner is awesome too. its funny to just be talking with them and remember what is was like to watch them when sister tanner gave conference talks and president tanner at BYU devotionals. they are both amazing. they gave me a box of cereal for my birthday. it is great. they dont have cereal here and the stuff they do have is so expensive.
if theres one thing i know. its this mission is making me so grateful to live where i do. everyday i just see stuff that i can really even describe. favellas are really dirty. and filled with some not very good people. yesterday i saw a bunch of guys giving alcolhol to a 10 year old i see stuff like this all the time. idk it hard to describe in words. just be grateful!!!

i had my first Babtism in the mission!!!!
his name is teotonio.. Hes about 50 and is a Man!!!! reminds me of a shorter uncle randy with a wicked sweet beard. anyways he so awesome and is just stoked about the gospel. he invites people everyweek and we are working with his family... and I would not be surprised if they are babtized in a week or two.

thank you all for the prayers!!! i definitly felt them this week! I dont know if i could do this with out them!
I love you all and am praying for you too!!
Love elder clements!

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