Wednesday, October 19, 2011

whats up!!?? from the Southern Hemisphere

Hello Family and Friends, Hmm I dont even know where to start... not because so alot happened, but just because i dont know what to say. ;) sorry! Oh BIG news as i am sure most of you knew KYLE IS HERE!!!! it is so Awesome! I love haveing Elder Cornwell and Elder Sant here. its like i didn´t even leave home. me and Elder cornwell are in the same Branch so i get to spend all sunday with him. but this place is so small compared to provo that i see him and Elder Sant like 5 times a day. I would be putting spaces between paragraphs in this but the computer wont let me so i guess you will have to deal with it. this week has been kinda of a tough one. we as district have not been doing as well as woudl like in teaching and speaking. so it has been a week of correction and fiquring out what we needed to do to be better. our teachers have been quick to tell us where we are going wrong. which I am so grateful for!! some of the other guys in the district have not been so grateful and that has been hard on the whole group. But we are working on it. My portuguese is still gettting better slowly. I am trying very hard to be patient with myself and remain positive even if it is a slower at times. Oh and my English is getting worse everyday... you should see my journal. trying to write in english after spending the whole day with portuguese in your brain is just ugly. :) but i guess that maybe not bad thing. Okay i need to get going. sorry its so short this week!. I´ll make sure I prep for next week and that it is got more to it. Eu Amo-Voces Love Elder Clements PS. Alyse I got the letter you sent on the 6th through the missionties thing on the 13th or 12th. can´t remember. the mailmen are on stike right now so the mail is slow. hopefully it will end soon. pps Mom could you call the mission mall and see about the stuff that was on back order. it was some shoes sandals and towel. they didn´t get them to me in provo like they said they would. and could you make sure i have money in my account I dont have anyway to check the balacnce while i am here. Thank you!!!

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