Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bom Dia!!!! from Brazil!!

Hello family, friends, and loved ones!!!
I am in BRAZIL!!! I dont even know where to start!
I guess we will start with last tuesday, so we got up at the MTC in Provo got ready for the day did some last minute errands before heading over to the Travel office. There I said good byes to are district and about every poly missionary in The MTC. my roomate is like the god father of that place for polys so I met and became friends with about all of them. I miss them alot they have so a cool culture and are so friendly!! then we went to the airport and sat there for a couple hours and then got on plane. we saw a few missionarys just getting home it was awesome to see them and just to see what we can become. then we got on the airplane to ATL and that was an okay flight but not great. then once we got to ATL we had to go to the other side of the airport, which that is a HUGE airport. we made it in like 30 mins. then we were there for about 30 mins and then bored. there was about a 2 hour wait before we could leave because something had to be fixed anyways that flight was SO LONG. Luckly i had the seat next to me open so i could semi-sleep good.
Wednesday: THis day was super long as well. ( basically everyday is long!) anyways I woke up to an awesome breakfast on the plane and then watched us fly into sao paulo....ITS HUGE!!!!!!! anyways so then we got off went through customs excahnged money and then found our ride to the ctm.... I dont think i will ever complain about scary drivers again!! it was like a roller coaster :) my adrenlaine was going pretty good. then we got to the ctm which we late beacause of the delay in ATL so we were rushed to get everything in our rooms and to the meeting with presdient Clark. very nice man!!! anyways the rest of the day was very chill we did basically what ever we wanted.
Thursday... okay from here out its all kinda one blur so were done with the day by day.
I Love it here!!! its so awesome to be around Brazialins 24/7 I love it. My portuguese gets better every day!!! I have a new companion named Elder McCann from Oregon. hes awesome and he is going to campinas. I still am in the same disrict as Elder Hullinger and the other guys that came with me here. I was Made the District leader yesterday, which they didn´t even metion to me until our disrict meeting and they President Clark (diffrent then the Pres of the CTM) was just like oh Elder Clements it been decided tthat you will Be DL. all i could say was oh... Okay.
there aren´t very many americans here... there aren´t many people period. but all the Brazilains love us... not sure why but the do. they are so nice, we sit with them and talk to them all the time. I just can´t say it enough I love Brazil and the people here!!! oh I feel like a giant here. Brazilians are not very tall at all!! my teachers are like 5´6 ( which is pretty tall here) and 5´2 Brother vilas boas and Isreal. the food is great here. Breakfast is the same everyday which is my only complaint but it´s not that big of a deal.
I love it so much here! everytime i look out my window all i can see is building and skyscrapers for as far as you can see i get so excited! to go out and teach them.
I know that I was sent here for a reason and i know that god loves us!!
I love you all!!!
Elder Clements
MOM- I hope you got the email once i got here i will douple check to see if it was the right email address.

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