Monday, March 19, 2012

I am 6 and Things are going very well!!

Oi todo mundo!

okay so this week has just been really awesome!! and by this week i mean that we worked most of the week and nothing happened and then Saturday and Sunday were just awesome!

but okay so ill give you the highlights of the week, then the weekend. so like Wednesday we had our second lesson with Pedro this week and it was pretty darn good. (any lesson is a high light really! Sao Paulo is not like the north where people just let you in no questions asked.) We met at the chapel because his mom doesn´t know that he meeting with us. his Family is catholic and he is scared to talk to them about it. Catholicism here is more of a family tradition. most people don't even go to church. anyways we had Bruna (she is an ex-missionary who just got home like 2 weeks ago) there and I am so grateful for that. I entered the lesson and just felt like my tongue was being tied and that she needed to talk so we kind of let her talk alot and man the spirit was there working hard. after the lesson i reminded him of the goal to be baptised this week and he said wants to be baptised. It was testimony of how important it is the listen to the spirit.

really that is the only highlight of the week. the rest of the week was pretty much knocking doors and just trying to be diligent. Our ward mission leader is such a stud! he got a job working security at night 6pm until 6 am. and he is supposed to work 12 hours every 36. anyways he has been working every day. and so he wanted to meet with us. Thursday our alarm goes off and not even a second later our doorbell goes off and it was Eloi. and then later in the after noon he has been leaving with us. He is such an example to me and I know i need to step it up. and work even harder. oh and i turned 6 months this week and Elder made me a cake and then we burned a tie. It was pretty cool! :) its crazy to me its been 6 months on one hand it seems like i have been here for ever and on the other it seems like i just got started.

Okay so Saturday, we met with a couple. Rafael and Priscilla. they were the first reference we got In the whole transfer We got it the end of week 5. so anyways we had met with them one time before and it was really good. they had some doubts about why in the world did we need the book of Mormon and why Joseph Smith. why was he important. anyways The spirit was doing work, helping us speak, think of scriptures. it was pretty legit and I could tell that they felt it to. anyways they are going to be married this week and are just going to the courthouse and are not going to do anything to celebrate because they don't have money. I just felt sick when they told me that! like my Heart hurt. I told them that we could organise a party in the church for them. that it would not be much but it would be something. she looked like like i had just given her a million bucks, and i could tell that she wanted to do something to celebrate! so us and the relief society are going to plan a party. :) it was one of the time where i could just feel the love of god going through me for someone else.

Sunday, Oh Man what Awesome day!!!!
Okay so it started with church. church started and had been going for like 20 Min's and Carla had not shown up yet. I was just about to crab elder fryer and go track her down when she walked in the room. I could tell that something was wrong. but i felt like i should just leave it be. anyways by the end of church she was smiling and happy. come to find out later that day she almost didn't go to church today. luckily her mom who really has not been super supportive of her and church told her that she had to go today because today was her baptism. which i am so grateful. Satan had been working hard on her all this week and she had not slept the night before. But it all worked out! she got baptised and it was a such a great meeting. she gave a testimony after her baptism and Man oh man the spirit was so strong. Pedro was there and he told me Man i can not wait until next week! I was super stoked! and then a17 year old girl who i thought was a member but is not came up to us after the baptism and told us that she also would like to be baptised and asked to meet with us to get her ready. I was Like Yeah!! we can do that!! then we met with Pedro and taught him I had been kind of worried about him being ready for this coming week. I knew he wanted to be baptised but didn't really know if he had a testimony yet. and I had been praying so much this week for help to have him prepared and that he could gain a testimony that this really is the Church of Jesus Christ. like it not just a name for a church but that its His church. God answers prayers did you know that!? you could just see the light had come on. He asked us if he could bring friends to church and give people The book of Mormon. I am so grateful that Heavenly father and the Spirit are helping me because really I could not do squat with out him. then we went to Meet with Fabio and one of the first things he asked me was `how was the baptism today? ´it was good´ `so when can i be baptised` so we talked about how he needed to be married with Laurasia before and explained a bit more about baptism and he said `we i guess were going to mark a date to be married tomorrow´ ....Heck Yeah!!!!

I just Love being a missionary! I love being a instrument that the spirit can work through. I love seeing the joy and light that comes into people lives as we teach them with the spirit and that desire that builds in people to know and follow Christ. I love seeing people read and pray about the book of Mormon with a sincere heart to know if its true. And then watching heavenly father answer people in so many powerful and simple ways. and the feeling of peace that comes into peoples life's once they know that The Church Of Jesus Christ has been restored and that the really do know that Christ suffered for us and payed the price for our sins. It so incredible to me how simple it is to gain a certainty that these thing are true. Read ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon and everything else will come after that. I know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ that we can return to our heavenly Father and live with our Families forever. I only hope that i can keep improving and being a better. and that i can learn how to serve the lord not only here on the mission but for the rest of my life!

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers and love. I feel them in here everyday! Have a super awesome amazing week!!!


Love Elder Clements

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