Monday, March 26, 2012

Bom Dia Meus amados Pessoas

Hey yall !!

Okay so this week was a pretty steller week!!! I started this thing where I write down everynight How i saw god working in my day. and man It is just amazing how much he does when you start looking! try it! you will be surprised!!

well I am also with out my planner today, so it will be a highlight week of what i remember off the top of my head. so this letter could be incredibly random. Hope thats okay!

Okay so Highlight Pedro got babtised!!! it was kind of it up down week getting to there though. last sunday we taught him about a lot of the commandments. which then he was like sweet i can do that. then we met with him again wednesday and when he walked in I could tell something was wrong. so i asked him straigt out pedro I know somthing is bugging you inside please tell us. He admitted he was feeling unsure about being babtised because he had alot of friends and school mates telling him that he could not live the law of chasitiy and word of wisdom and he didnt want to make a covenant with God if he was not going to be able to keep it. anyways this was at our sports night at the church and thankfully Carla was there (she was babtised last week) and i dont remember all that she told him but the next day when we met with him He was Super firm to be babtised He told us `I am going to change and I know that God can Help me`. and then on Firday we took him to a birthday party of one of the member of the ward and he told us he wanted to serve a mission and wanted to know how to get to that point. AWWW YEAH!!!!! I cant tell you how happy that makes me to know that Heavenly Father is working through Me to make stuff like this happen. Through me. I feel like ammon I just want to Boast in how freaking Awesome God is! and how good he has been to me in bringing people to Christ and in just life in general!

Second Highlight Carla Got Confirmed and got a calling in the young womens in the same day. Bishop was telling us that when he called her he said "look i know you dont know what your doing" then she stopped him and said "no bishop if this is what god wants me to do then ill do it and it will be fine" once again AWWW YEAH!!! and bishop also told us that he wanted us to confirm her and gave us a super nice complement telling us that me and Elder Fryer are the best missionarys they have had for 2 years and that we diserved to confirm her. I dont know about that. I told him that its God who has been doing all the work. Like really I feel like I have so much more i need to be doing. but it feels way good to finally have the ward trusting us. I feel like Heavenly Father is Working so much in the ward!

Third Highlight Division on thrusday. so thursday I went on a division with the Zone leaders. I went to their area with Elder Anderson. He is from seattle and man That division was SO GOOD!!! it was just a blast and I felt again like God was working with us so much! we went to a less active lady who has cancer and is going through Radation right now. I dont know why but I felt like we needed to teach her about tithing and how the lord promises Blessing. it was such a spirit packed lesson. She was crying at the end and we set up a plan for her to start coming back to church. You could just see a light go on in her. when she got there she looked so worn out and just wasted. when we left she was smileing and just looked like she had more life in her. THen we went to another less active a kid. He is 19 and I dont know we just talked about our mission and how it changed our lives. by the end He was planning on getting a hold of his bishop to start preparing. it was just awesome! then we went and taught a Family and man The spirit was so strong! they finally understood why the Book of Mormon is so Important and how though it they could know For THEM SELVES if this Church really is the Church of Jesus Christ and that Joseph Smith really was a True prophet of God and not a hoax idk it was just an awesome day. I Love Elder Anderson! both the one here and the one in JAPAN ...I miss Taft

anyways OKay so yeah that was my week mas ou Menos. For those who want to know I am Feeling So SO SO SO Much Better. I feel like that after I left the temple a couple of weeks ago that god healed me and i knew that i would get better. Missionary work is so much Better when you aren´t losing your insides everyother day! Thank you for all of you prayers!! like Really! Thank you!!!
I am so Grateful!!! I really do have so much to be thankful for in this life and I am so glad i have the oprotuinity to share these blessiing that I have with others! I love you All and hope that you are well.

I Love you peoples!!!

Elder Josiah Clements!

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