Monday, March 12, 2012

God is Good! understatement of eternity!

Bom Dia meues queridos!

First off I just want everyone to know that I love you! That God is good, and Prayer works! this week has been excellent. I feel like god has showered me in blessing this week. He blesses me in so many ways every week but this week I felt like he just kind of let it pour. going to the temple on Tuesday was probably the biggest blessing of all! The temple is the greatest place on earth. The peace you feel and the spirit you feel is like leaving this world. I feel like heavenly father recharged me there. I had woken up very sick spending a good amount of time in the bathroom that morning and almost didn't go. I said a prayer and just asked Heavenly father to help me have the force and health to make it to the temple( like 2 hours walking of riding sardine packed buses and metros..not the funnest thing when your insides are wanting to escape) But Heavenly father heard my prayer and I made it there. and I am so Grateful for that! God is Good!
so then Wednesday was just a super productive day! I woke up feeling good, I got to do all of my personal study and comp study and was prepare spiritually and physically for the day(it felt like so long since i got to do both) , then we had an appointment with Pedro he is 21 and it was the first lesson with him and it went so good! the spirit was there, i was able to talk and think clearly...(the best part of missionary work having the spirit there! its like being high but so much better :) !) He accepted a date to be baptised the end of this month as goal. He came to church Sunday...I just feel so grateful for Heavenly father putting someone in our path ready to be taught. and then later after lunch we had a split with some members and it was so good. I left with Ricardo who turned 18 and is not sure if he wants to serve a mission. it was so good to just work with him and help strengthen him. answering some of his doubts and idk I was just so grateful for that chance to help him out.
Thursday I went on spits with my District leader. it was pretty fun to be back with a Brazilian companion of a day. I love talking with Brazilians. it not the same as talking Portuguese with Americans anyways it was a pretty good day we stopped and ate crepe which in in English is same sound as Crap... so I have now eaten crap and it was pretty good! the vendor was super cool and we talked to him for a while. a old lady who was in line heard that i was American and basically everyone that walked by as we were eating our crap she stoped them and told them I was American was pretty entertaining, but we got to talk to alot of people because of it.
Friday was awesome!! So I had been praying and telling Elder Fryer that I wanted a Baptism. so we had a lesson with Carla Friday and we had already given her a baptismal invite 2 or three times before and every time she said she didn't feel ready or have a testimony yet. but I just knew from the moment we entered the lesson that she was ready and that she would accept. so we had a lesson about repentance, tithing, and the law of Chasity. It was awesome! when we were going over tithing I felt bad because I told her that only member could pay tithing and she kind like oh and seemed a bit bumbed. so then I just told her How do you feel about being baptised next week. and it she said vamos! like lets do it! we also talked about the temple a bit at the beginning and she said I am not in any rush to get to the temple because i know one day ill get to go in. I don't know it was such a good lesson and the spirit was so strong. I Know that god heard my prayer when i asked him to prepare someone to be baptised this month. and now we have two. God is good!
Saturday. was a day where i just kinda of saw god working his magic to bless us and letting us bless others. So we had planned to go to jordanopolis to work a for the day which is like going to west rich land from my house. anyways we went to lunch and decided that we were not going to take our umbrellas because the Sky's were clear and it didn't look like it was going to rain. The lady at the restaurant told us randomly that it was going to rain later in the afternoon. so we went home to get our umbrellas. this was the first time a saw god hand working in our day. next we were walking to head to jordanopolis and a member and his wife that we hadnt seen for a couple of week stoped us and bought a ice cream. usually i would have declined because we were already a little late but i felt like we should accept and talk to the couple. Hand Two. it was a great visit and I felt like that some of the stuff he told elder fryer helped him alot. (he has been worrying alot about his girlfriend lately who is not a member who is really close to being baptised but her parents have been giving her alot of crap that they found on the Internet about the church. not of which is true) anyways the visit seemed to brighten every ones day. then we started walking again and then we ran into Lewis a counselor in the bishopric he was walking to pick up his car that was quite a bit away right as we met it started to down poor and he didn't have an umbrella so I was able to share my umbrella with him and we walked him to his car. he told us that he had been asking heavenly father why his other car had broken down and how come he now had to walk to get his other car and was going to get soaked and be late for some party his family was going to. and then we showed up. and he was able to get his car and be dry and he was able to drive us to Jordan. It was just awesome! God is Good! then he dropped us off in Jordan and the down poor stopped for a bit. we were able to walk to our appointment and then the moment we entered it started again. it down pored like crazy the whole time we were at that lesson and then right as were leaving it stopped. we walked to the next house and then it started again when we entered. and stoped when we left. we walked back to Rudge Ramos and once we got back to the church for our next appointment it started again. heavenly father is so good to me. I Have just felt his love and presence around me all week and I am so grateful. oh I almost for got I was asking Lewis where i could get my suit cleaned because it needs it bad. and turns out he has a dry cleaners and he is washing it for free! I just feel so incredibly blessed! I am so grateful for the the chance I have to be here on the mission for the difficulties that i have had and will have. For the chance to Have heavenly Father teach me and mold me into someone better. I know more then ever now that Prayer works! That we really do have a Heavenly Father that looks after each and everyone of us!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you can remember that prayer works and the lord will bless you for doing what is right. I love you all and pray that you can feel Gods love in your lives!

Elder Josiah Clements

Okay so I have been asked by a couple of people to make a list of things that i would like or want that people can send me.
so here is a short list of ideas.
A salt and pepper shaker(the fresh pepper crusher if possible but ill be happy with either), Candy ( any kind Its all good, the Brazilians love it and it fun to share American things with them) Socks, ( black ones gold toe are pretty good), Peanut butter! (its so good) Thumb drive with music on it( efy, Mo-tab, any music that wont be a distraction to my calling) Pens. a new study journal. maple syrup. Pancake mix. Cookies or cookie mix, fruit snakes, granola bars, Cereal, Pictures! and picture album( of people, Houses, place from home. taco and ranch seasoning. maple and root beer extract. Cologne, ... that's really all i can think of. Surprise me with other stuff. I feel like i have forgotten a lot of stuff. please don't feel obligated to send me stuff these are just ideas that people had asked for.

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