Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 2 ......WHATTT!!!

Dear family and friends,
Dang time is flying! the days are incredibly long, but it only seem like a day ago was my first couple of day. Its been 2 weeks! it is just amazing. i am not sure you can fully understand unless you go through it yourself. it is mind blowing!
I am feeling much better this week. I have actually been able to eat more the a bite or two each meal. the food is good here but i am honesty kind of sick of eating. I feel like all I do is sit and eat all day. except gym! I LOVE GYM!!!! its the Bomb (sorry sister nelson hope that is an okay word to use at 20) we get to leave the compound that is the MTC and enjoy the fresh air and sun!! it is also just way nice to sweat! we have been playing sand volleyball most days. it feels so good to just play an d compete with other districts and guys!, plus we can jump and dive and it doesn't hurt. AWESOME!!
so Exciting news!! people are getting visas left and right. mostly people that came my week. i hear of a few people about every day. 2 guys form my district found out today and leave next wednesday. its so exciting! we have been praying everyday for our visas and god does answer prayers. I know he does!! we just have to ask. He wants to bless so bad, we just need to be humble enough to realise that we need help! There is a website where you can track the visas one of the guys who is leaving, his mom found it. he get to call her tonight and he is going to get it for us. so mom heads up.
Portuguese is..... humbling. I am learning fast and improving everyday, but i am relying so much on the lord. when i dont.... OH MAN!! you should see my face in class when our teacher is talking: I Have no clue what on earth he is saying. my mind just doesn't work, But when i am asking for his help and know i can't do it with out his help. I get it!!... I don't know how he does it. I just understand and learn. this is definitely his work! speaking has been and still is a challenge. I can semi-communicate. I feel like a little kid patching a sentence together with my very small vocabulary. but Heavenly father is helping me and I am so grateful!
Our schedule is basically the set for us but for the most part what we do during that time is up to us to figure out. it has been hard and a learning experience to learn how to to best use my time. like what should i study during my 3 hour block of personal study or 2 hour language block. it hard and great!!
so last week Elder Russel N Nelson of the quorum of the 12 apostles came and talked to us in Devotional. It was AWESOME!!! He talked about the Book of Mormon, and talked about the ensign magazine that just came our about the book of Mormon. He so spoke on so many things like how the Bible and book of Mormon work together to testify that Jesus is the Christ and our saviour and redeemer I know that the book of moron is true!!! and i know that everyone can find that out for themselves if they jsut ask god with faith that he will answer their prayer!
I love this gospel so much i wouldn't be out here if i didn't know it was true.
i love you all thanks for the support you give me!!
Elder Josiah Clements
Shout outs....
Mom- I haven't heard anything from you and would like to. I am thinking of you and love you!! could you send me or have asa drop me off a blanket the one here isn't quiet doing it for me.
Asa- thanks for the prayers and email. i hope your date when good despite the awkward moment with the slaters I also need you address
Ben i need you address!!
Everyone- if you want me to write you get on dear elder and send me something so I have you address
lauren, Rhonda and kids, Kim, and Alyse I got you letters and will have letters back soon!! thanks so much I love getting mail!!! Kim thanks so much for the package!!
Dad and Arina- I am thinking about you and love you!!!!

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