Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boom service with a smile..... this subject is courtesy of Elder Kyle cornwell.

Dear Family and Friends,
So first P-day... wahoo. so my p-day is tuesday from now which everyone tells me is the best because we have p-day, dinner and then Devotional. so we don't have any class time today. tonight's Devotional is suppose to be a huge deal... we were all given the ensigns for October on the Book of Mormon and told we all needed to read it by today... the rumor is Prsident Uctdorf or President Monson is coming... we shall see.
So the MTC has been pretty good for the most part. I have been sick for the past 3 or 4 days and it has made for a ruff week. I am pretty sure nothing makes you more homesick then being sick away from home! but I am feeling a lot better today and things are looking up. My Companion has been a super trooper about having me slow him down these past few days. His name is Elder Hullinger from Vancouver WA hes is HUGE hes like 6'5 and thick .. not Fat by anymeans just a solid kid! we are getting along quiet well. My roomates are two poly missionaries one went to Hawaii this morning and the other is been delayed like three times because of surgery and then his blood work was bad now they are doing test for cancer and some other stuff... he is a little discouraged to say the least. He just wants to get to Samoa so bad and I hope he does because he is an awesome guy!!
So the language is coming along pretty darn good, It is amazing how fast we learn here! I know that god is Helping us because there is no other way we could do this by our self's!!
Spanish is paying off Greatly too! who would have thought? :) we didn't have a forsure teacher for the first couple of days which was kinda of annoying but I guess taking on 200 missionarys in the past 2 weeks that were suppose to be in Brazil by now kinda makes it a little hecktic. our Teachers are Brother Smith who just got off his mission in june. he served in Brazil and so did Brother dodge. both are STUDS!!! anyways we started teaching an investigator on Friday in Portuguese... needless to say communicating has been kinda hard but it is amazing what we have picked up and can say and understand!
I Love you all!! and miss you! you can write me and email on DEARELDER.com and I will get it the same day! ( mom if you could put my address here that would be awesome!
I know that what I am doing is what God wants me to be doing and am so glad for this chance! I love you all!!!
Love Elder Clements
Ps. Sister Nelson and Alyse Thanks so much for the dearElder! it made me Day!!

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